Local Information

Bus Timetables

There are two buses serving Wareside, the M3 and M4, operated by Centrebus:

  • The M3 timetable can be viewed here.
  • The M4 timetable can be viewed here.

Waste Collection

In Wareside, waste collections are made weekly on Thursdays on a fortnightly rotation:

  • Black bins are collected on “Week 1”;
  • Recyclable waste is collected on “Week 2”. This includes both the brown bins (garden waste) and blue-lidded bins for “other recyclable material”.  Please note that the collection of BROWN BINS is only for those homes which have paid an annual subscription for the service from East Herts District Council.

Residents are requested to place their bins and boxes by the roadside by 7am to ensure they are collected. Please note that extra waste placed beside the Black Bins will not be collected.  There is a household waste recycling centre on the Stevenage Road out of Ware (though this is closed for improvement at the moment), and another off Edinburgh Way in Harlow.

If you are unsure what can be recycled, East Herts District Council has a comprehensive guide on its own website, here.